Add-on Automotive Control System for CLassic Cars

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neoteric: An open-source Automotive Control System for Classic Cars

neoteric is both a product and a project. The idea is to add technology to older cars, race cars, or really anything that doesn’t have electronics on-board. Stay tuned as we build up our first controller sub-system: a temperature-controlled relay


neoteric is desinged around the Wilderness Labs Meadow platform.


The following sensors are in development or planned:

Coolant Temperature Fan Control Relay System Voltage Fuel Level Oil Pressure Air Temperature Intake Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)


We will be developing and open-sourcing PCBs for all of our work


We will be developing and open-sourcing code fo all of our work


We will try to find standard, inexpensive, appropriate enclosures When not feasible, we will be developing and open-sourcing things like enclosures, brackets and whatnot and publishing STLs to allow 3D printing or CNC machining of the parts.

Stay tuned, and if you’d like to help out, let us know.